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Welcome To JioLiker

A site for those that wish to achieve fame among their friends & catch their attention by popularising their standing & photos likes and comments on facebook. JioLiker tool also provide autofollower.

Login To Jio-Liker :-

We use Access Token based mostly Authentication.Login together with your facebook account and paste the token to login to our web site or site.Watch this video if you do not know how to use this web site..

How To Use

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NOTE:-Like Limit Is Increased To 100 per submit!


Pro Tip :-  If you're using your mobile number to log in, don't forget to prefix country code too (Example - +91 for India).

Be Sure

Account Settings:- Make sure you have enabled Followers on your account and set "Who can comment on your public posts?" to "Public".

Post Privacy:- Make sure your "Post privacy" is set to "Public", otherwise autolike tools will not work on that post.